How to Earn Money on YouTube in Pakistan TRAINING 2022?


How to Earn Money on YouTube in Pakistan TRAINING 2022?

You could see everyone is coming to YouTube these days. This is in light of the fact that people in Pakistan can now successfully get cash on YouTube. You might have gone over Shoaib Akhtar making accounts on YouTube reliably, people like Shahid Afridi is presently doing YouTube accounts since they understand it pays off. I do YouTube accounts myself on Traveling and Technology. I’m doing splendidly too

How to Earn Money on YouTube in Pakistan? 

You could see everyone is coming to YouTube these days. This is because people in Pakistan can now successfully acquire cash on YouTube. You might have run over Shoaib Akhtar making accounts on YouTube reliably, people like Shahid Afridi is at present doing YouTube accounts since they understand it pays off. I do YouTube accounts myself on Traveling and Technology. I’m doing extraordinary too.

We should discuss how to get cash on YouTube in Pakistan and how should YouTube pay you the obtaining in Pakistan?

How to acquire cash on YouTube in Pakistan?

  • Section by part guide

  • What is YouTube Partner Program?

  • Most Popular Topics on YouTube

  • How to Start a YouTube Channel?

  • YouTube Earning in Pakistan (Monetization)

  • How to Grow Your YouTube Channel?

  • The sum Can you Earn from YouTube?

  • How to Receive YouTube Earning in Pakistan?

  • YouTube Video SEO

  • Various Methods to Make Money with YouTube

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YouTube assistant program (YPP) is a program expected for producers to get cash on YouTube. They have little models of 4000 hours watch time and 1000 purchases in (which I will explain underneath). Exactly when the models is met, you are able to apply for YPP. It expects one to about a month for YouTube to recognize or excuse your YPP application.


For new creators on YouTube, there are enormous number of focuses. Regardless, you should pick the class which is hot and notable on YouTube so you can contact an amazing group. A few subjects which are uncommonly renowned on YouTube these days are the going with:


  • Food

  • Gaming

  • Greatness and Fashion

  • Music

  • Sports

  • Science and Technology

  • Travel

  • Prosperity and Fitness

  • Guidance

These are top 10 subjects on YouTube which people watch the most. There are enormous number of specialty subjects inside these ten classes. For example, you can start a channel with touring video writes, consistently video web journals, stunts, spoof shows and much more under the redirection class.



It’s astoundingly easy to make a YouTube channel. You just need to have an email address. Go to this association: Create YouTube Channel and you will make one more direct in a matter of seconds. You can make up to 50 YouTube channels using one email address. Right after making the channel, try to give it a smart name, cover, and profile photo. Make it a specialist looking channel so people can like your accounts when you move them.



Directly following making your YouTube channel, attempt to move entrancing and quality accounts which can attract your watchers. Make a Facebook page for your YouTube channel so you can share when you move another video. Consequently, you will really need to propel your accounts and convey new people to watch your accounts. Focus in on moving each day to start with so you can get more watch time and allies.

YouTube anticipates that you should have 4000 hours of watch time and 1000 endorsers before you can start acquiring cash with your substance. That isn’t extraordinarily problematic expecting your accounts are interesting and securing. I for one completed this models inside the underlying 27 days of making a new channe


The best spot to grow a YouTube channel is YouTube itself. YouTube is a huge stage that lifts your accounts to an assigned group. In case your video is attracting and significant, YouTube will normally propose and recommend it to other YouTuber clients who watch similar substance. Regardless, you should in like manner share your accounts on Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook to get new watchers and allies.

I would recommend to run a few Facebook advancements for your channel to bring a few thousands allies and points of view to your hidden substance. I have attempted this myself and it works splendidly assuming there should be an event of Pakistan. You can target Pakistani group by consuming $10 to $20 on Facebook ads and you will acquire commonly incredible results.


It completely depends upon how popular your channel is. It furthermore depends upon what your point is and where your group is based. In case your watchers are by and large from the USA, Canada, and Europe keep your fingers crossed. You will acquire an extraordinary arrangement with traffic from the US and Europe. Regardless, in case your watchers are for the most part from Pakistan and India, you will get less.

YouTube works commonly on (CPM = Cost Per Mile) premise which is a procedure advises pay YouTube for running advancements on your accounts. For Pakistani and Indian clients, the rate is around $1 for 1000 points of view. For Ourselves and Europe traffic, the rate is between $5 to $10 per 1000 points of view. The 1000 points of view should be the adjusted viewpoints not regular points of view. Adjusted sees are those sees when watchers watch the ad inside video for right around 30 seconds. In case watchers don’t watch the advancement and skip it inside 5 seconds then, that is certainly not an adjusted view.

Despite the way that, redirection is a notable topic on YouTube, it pays less per 1000 points of view. If your station relies upon development, travel, science and preparing you will get more $$$ per 1000 viewpoints than entertainment stations. Regardless, the geological region matters an incredible arrangement. This is in light of the fact that patrons in the US pay something different for advancements and marketing experts in Pakistan set aside cash.


Right when you apply for the YouTube accessory program, you will be drawn closer to seek after Google Adsense. Google Adsense is a phase that passes advancements on to YouTube and locales across the web. You will make another Adsense record and you will see all of your getting reports in Adsense account. You will get repaid every month accepting your securing is more than $100 for that month.

Recollect that when you make an Adsense account. You want to affirm your genuine area by getting a PIN code which they will send you using neighborhood Pakistan post. That PIN is sent when you reach $10 USD getting in your record. If you didn’t get that PIN in three undertakings then you will really need to move a formally endorsed picture ID which will handle that issue.

Google Adsense pays distributers in Pakistan through the going with portion methodologies:


  • Western Union

  • Wire Transfer

  • e-Check

Clients in Pakistan generally use Western Union which is the least complex portion technique and needn’t bother with any monetary equilibrium. Wire Transfer is moreover a by and large incredible decision for individuals who need to get portion directly in their area monetary equilibrium in Pakistan.


To turn into your YouTube channel normally, you will moreover have to focus in on YouTube SEO for your channel. That worked for title, portrayal, names, and thumbnails of your accounts. For your advantage, I have gathered that in this video which is in Urdu/Hindi.


Clients from Pakistan by and large use YouTube Partner Program to acquire cash with their YouTube accounts. In any case, there are various methods which one can use to get more income with their content. We ought to talk about Irfan Junejo who is a well known Pakistani YouTuber. He gets more income from brand sponsorships than YouTube promotions. You can in like manner make money by using different auxiliary activities, for instance, Amazon branch-off, Click bank and commission convergence, etc


You could really sell your physical or modernized things on your YouTube channel. Regardless, if you have traffic from the US and UK, it will be more direct for you to get cash with your channel using various strategies. Since for the most part Pakistani traffic doesn’t buy online things. Branch-off things are introduced by different associations which at whatever point sold from your source will deliver an appealing commission for you thusly.



Acquiring cash on YouTube in Pakistan is neither irksome nor straightforward. Why? since, assuming that you genuinely need to acquire cash with YouTube in Pakistan then you really want to lock in the start to gather a solid group and subsequently pass quality substance so they can stick on to your channel. If you are looking for a backup way to go, YouTube likely won’t be the best fit for you.


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