On-Page SEO for WordPress Training 2022


What you’ll understand

  • Got another WordPress site? Sort out some way to do authentic SEO for your site!

  • Course of action WordPress site and do authentic SEO for your site

  • Best setting for Yoast SEO Plugin for WordPress destinations

  • Revived 2022 WordPress and On-Page SEO course for beginners


No necessities


Complete WordPress SEO planning with Yoast SEO Plugin Setup

WordPress is easy to use and solid CMS for a site. I will tell you the best way to make your master WordPress website inside several hours and make it SEO neighborly for web files. I will similarly tell you the best way to do on-page SEO for single posts in WordPress as well as association structure for your WordPress site.

WordPress Website Speed Optimization

Various WordPress site owners are doing combating with slow site speed which is as of now a significant SEO situating part (proclaimed by Google). I will show you a WordPress subject which is the fastest stacking point open keeping watch and I will show you in every way that really matters, how you can make 90+ site speed scores on both Gt Metrix and Google Page Speed Insight contraptions.

Complete Yoast SEO Plugin Integration

Yoast is the most renowned module for WordPress SEO anyway I will furnish you with an overview of the best SEO modules for WordPress so you can decide for yourself. In any case, we will use the Yoast SEO module in this course since that is incredibly easy to acquaint and straightforward with use. I will show you the proper setting and compromise of the Yoast SEO module for the best results.

This is just a two hours brief week’s end course. To get comfortable with one more aptitude in just two hours then, oblige it now.

Who this course is for:

  • WordPress site page owners who need to exploit their WordPress locales

  • Bloggers who need to understand SEO for WordPress locales and destinations

  • Business visionaries who have their locales on WordPress and have to take care of business of SEO

  • Content researchers who need to do SEO copy piece for WordPress online diaries and locales

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